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US Open

There is a lot of hype in the media this week about the US Open at Chambers Bay. Being around the game of golf for my entire life and growing up as a competitive golfer, the 2015 US Open was a tough event for me to watch. The Poa Annua greens gave the golfers who teed off later in the day such an unfair advantage. I’ve never seen more 3-4 foot putts missed by PGA Tour Professionals in my life. The USGA should have considered mowing the greens periodically throughout the day in order to keep the putting surface consistent for the field. Do you think the golf course set up fairly for the competitors?

We are going to see this question pop up a lot over the next couple of weeks: “Will Jordan Spieth win the Grand Slam in 2015”? There is a lot of golf to be played to determine that…. But two facts remain: The Old Course at St Andrews is a very good fit for him and his game & we now know that the 21 year old can handle some pressure.

It was a tough pill to swallow for the fans, Jordan Spieth, and Dustin Johnson. A 3-putt par from 12 feet on the 72nd hole of the US Open to miss a playoff… It was a shame to have the Open end that way. How will Dustin Johnson rebound after that dilemma? I could not even imagine the pressure he was feeling standing over that 3 footer. I don’t think I could have taken the putter back. Professional Golfers are constantly coming back from poor shots, big numbers, and poor rounds. It is the nature of the game. I expect to see Dustin Johnson in the hunt at St Andrews.  

Most recently ranked 195th in the World Golf Ranking, Tiger Woods missed his 5th cut at a major as a professional golfer. It seems that it is becoming a trend. Will he ever be back to winning? The answer is yes! Tiger Woods has been too good of a player for too long to fall completely of the map. His health seems to be getting better, and he is finally starting to compete regularly (which he really needs). Yes, it was a poor performance that the Memorial and the US Open.... perhaps even embarrassing. But he was in the hunt at a point during the Masters and did make the cut at the Players Championship this year.  Many professional golfers would dream to accomplish those two feats. He may never dominate like he once did, but rest assured that he will be back in the winner’s circle.