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The Bride in the Attic

Happy Halloween! So yesterday I was cleaning out the attic and realized we still have a bride in the attic. There’s a jar full of notes of advice from guests, a guestbook full of signatures, and centerpieces still in their glory. Ten months later she walked away with PRICELESS memories and these items were just pennies spent, but let’s be real it was much much more than pennies. I think this bride was my favorite yet. She actually got it! The reason why she planned this day and the reason why these things are still here today. She knew it wasn’t what she needed to pick up after the day was done but it was everything she had taken with her in her heart. In these moments  of planning a bride only focus on material items and at the end of the day all that matters is the love you share, the memories you share and the people you share them with. With everything going on around you at this time don’t forget to stop and reevaluate the reason why you are planning this big day. It is a BIG DAY and you want to remember it for all the right reasons. Seriously, stop and smell the roses, or lily’s or hydrangeas, or daisy’s, or whatever you may choose. So cheers to you my sweet bride in the attic; I know you had the best day and hold on to every moment of that day. You stood back, took it all in and knew that the stories you tell  will always be the best memory in your heart not the guestbook that you never open again.

Disclaimer: we did call the bride SEVERAL times to let her know she was still in the attic. We like to believe she is living happily ever after and not pretending this day never happened.