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Jessica and Jeff

What an amazing wedding this past weekend. I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Jeff for the past six months. Originally they were going to get married in Tahoe but when things didn’t quite line up I was given the opportunity to plan their special day. Not only was it their special day, but Jessica and Jeff choose September 13th as their wedding day. Coincidently that was my wedding anniversary. My husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this year. If having the same wedding anniversary wasn’t a match made in heaven she also used the same wedding colors I choose. Needless to say her vision was beautiful!

Probably the most creative part of the whole day was the cake. It was a beautiful airbrushed cake with silhouettes of Jessica and Jeff’s love story. The bottom tier has the two of them walking their dog, the second tier is a representation of their engagement in Las Vegas at the Venetian…… on a gondola (how adorable is that!) and the top tier is the two of them on their wedding day. With as many weddings as I have seen I have yet to see a cake as sentimental and creative as this one.

If you are in need of a photographer I can not recommend Cailin Smith Photography enough!!! Not only were her pictures AMAZING but she was incredibly professional and courteous. She was able to use her sweet southern charm with the direction of a drill sergeant. I have never seen such elegant pictures taken  so quickly. Some of her pictures from Jessica and Jeff’s wedding are below but feel free to click her link here to see all her amazing work http://cailinsmithphotography.com/

Now on to work on Christine and Michael's wedding and our famous Frozen Brunch with the Snow Queen herself!